Conference 2018

Please see below, the materials from the 2018 SGA Conference.

Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood: what young people are telling us – Suzanne Hargreaves, Education Scotland

CLICK HERE for Suzanne's presentation

LINK to Consent video

Empowering Young People to be FEARLESS – Lyndsay McDade, Youth Projects Officer – Scotland

Lyndsay's presentation has been removed, as the information is no longer accurate.

It’s Time for LGBT-Inclusive Education – Jordan Daly, Time for Inclusive Education (TIE)

CLICK HERE for Jordan's presentation


CLICK HERE for SHINE information

Information about SHINE pilot study for schools

SHINE research brief 1 bullying victimisation

SHINE research brief 2 perceived body size

Norma Norris, Carers Trust Scotland

CLICK HERE for Norma's presentation

YOU TUBE video

CLICK HERE for Thematic inspection of personal and social education (PSE) and health and wellbeing

CLICK HERE for PSE Benchmarks