Do your S6 students need to raise their financial awareness?

If so, contact the Stewart Ivory Financial Education Project (SI)

SI annually delivers financial education to some 15,000 students across Scotland in over 200 secondary schools.  SI’s programme is delivered face to face in schools by a team of 16 Financial Education Officers.  The topics include;

  1. Debt and how to avoid it
  2.  Budgeting
  3. Savings, Investments and Pensions for the future, (if time allows it)  

SI focuses specifically on school leavers in and is delivered in schools (rather than on-line).  The purpose is to give students a “reality check” and to enable them to take control of their own finances.

No charge is made to schools
SI is independent of any commercial organisation 

On each visit, schools are asked to complete a feedback form. Recent feedback, both from teachers and students, has included the following:-
"The SI Foundation is a vital part of our S6 programme",
" These presentations are among the best we receive and are much appreciated by students and staff alike",
"This is a real eye opener for our students",
"Excellent presentation and practical activities made young people really engage with finance",

For more details, please refer to SI’s website.


If you want to hear more about SI’s programme, please contact ;

Paul Heward, Project Manager, as follows:-
[email protected], Tel 0131 220 5995, Mob 07770 444340